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1. What is Horoscope?
In Hindu astrology, every individual’s fate is decided based on birth. It is accepted widely both in Western and Hindu System of Astrology that the Planets rule every individual. Horoscope is a chart based on the individual’s birth.
2. Why do I require Horoscope?
By casting your Horoscope you come to know your fate. It is a torch light for leading your life in a comfortable way.


3. What it contains?

It contains the complete details of your birth. The exact planetary position at the time of your birth. It can give you Your birth star, your Rasi (place of moon) and other planetary position at the time of birth and of course an elaborate details.

4. What do I know from my Horoscopes?

You will come to know about

  • 1st place : Yourself
  • 2nd place : Education, wealth, your way of speech
  • 3rd place : your younger brother
  • 4th place : your comforts and your mother
  • 5th place : your children
  • 6th place : your health
  • 7th place : your spouse
  • 8th place : Longevity of your life
  • 9th place : your father
  • 10th place :your profession.
  • 11th place :Wealth and profits
  • 12th place :your expenditure and much, much more information.
5. What information you require in casting my Horoscope?
Your Name
Your Date of birth
Your time of birth (AM / PM) and
Your place of birth (Nearest birth city / town)
6. What is Numerology?
On Western country, every English letter has a numerical value it helps you to have your name numerical value matched with your date of birth.
7. What is Gemology?
Every planet has colors of their own. It is believed by wearing a Gem can give you a better result.
8. How a computerized Horoscope differs from a Horoscope casted manually?
In a computerized Horoscope you get perfectly calculated Horoscope. It save the time of the Astrologers so that they can predict easily since all the data required by them are readily available.
8. Do you have different method in casting Horoscopes?
Yes, we can give you Horoscopes based on :
a. Lahiri Ayanamsam
b. Krishnamurthy Padhathi Ayanamsam
c. Raman Ayanamsam 
9. Do you give predications on my specific query?
Of course, we give predications based on your query.
10. Can you match the Horoscopes of the Boys and Girls?
Yes, we can. You have to provide the details of both. We can give a report with recommendations.
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